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Robotic Injection Molding

Robotic cell integrated to injection molding press with Gantry Robot

It is gratifying when creativity rules out over what was quoted.   

This project initially required 16 separate leak detection channels based on the end

Injection molded automated assembly cell

specifications.  Based on quality issues with another vendor the end customer wrote a specification that would have created a much more complicated machine.

We worked with our customer, a contract manufacturer, included our leak detection vendor, Z-Axis, and demonstrated leak detection that would simplify and improve the reliability of the automation.

Based on the new specifications we were able to reduce the size of the automation Cell.  Using flexible 6-Axis Robots we were to use the robot for 4 separate functions.  With the press feature of the ABB Robots, the robots pick and snapped the parts together, offloaded a complete assembly, advance a stack of 10 and picked an empty tray from the escapement.

Collaborating with customers and with great vendors like Z-Axis and ABB is core to our companies’ philosophies.  It was during this project that we named our process “Tactical”.

Technologies Used: Alan Bradley PLC/HMI. 6 Axis ABB Robot, Z-Axis Leak Testing, Pipe Drive Servo Indexer


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