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About Us

Since 1998 Summit Machine, Inc. has been designing and building custom Automated Equipment. We have worked with leading companies in the medical/pharmaceutical, plastics, electronics, cutting tool, and consumer products industries 

In 2014, based on customer research, we began the process of creating what we call our “Tactical Business Philosophy”. Our customer research showed that the traditional relationship between automation supplier and end customer was built on divergent goals. As we talked to more companies about the projects that did not perform as expected we learned communication, collaboration, project cost management and late deliveries with non-conforming performance were all common problems.   

Summit’s “Tactical Business Philosophy” creates true partnerships with our clients. We want to be the most transparent Automation Supplier for our partners in manufacturing.  Please take time to learn more about our process, we feel that it is the best way to approach automating your manufacturing project.   

With your collaboration, we can make the process even better! 

Best regards, 

Todd Bauernfeind, President Summit Machine 

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