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Summit Agile Process

Summit’s Tactical Business Philosophy (TBP) is the result of years of working with customers to create true collaborative partnerships. We recognize that divergent goals, lack of trust, and poor communication are missing in the automation industry.  Our design process is different. We manage risk better than traditional linear project management.

Summit Machine employs their Tactical Business Philosophy across its entire business.

dollar-billTactical Budgeting: The “Long-term Cost of Ownership” is the true cost driver on most client projects. We provide a concept with a flexible pricing structure and design options. Our budget process allows us to work with you to understand the project outcome goals. We create a clear target price that allows for discovery during the project. We help clients determine which options have the best Return on Investment (ROI) and support their project goals. When clients track machine or production line performance using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), they have data to support their investment decisions.

GearsTactical Project Management:  This philosophy embeds project flexibility. Our project managers are empowered to make decisions that support common goals and mitigate risk. During the engineering phase, we identify areas of highest risk and approach every project as if all mechanical designs are flawed. We can create prototypes for proof of concept when needed. Transparent project management tools ensure there are no unpleasant surprises in cost or delivery.

PlugTactical Implementation:  We often hear that equipment from other builders is nowhere near ready for FAT when it is scheduled. It is our promise that we are ready when you arrive at Summit Machine to attend a FAT. Every aspect of your runoff is complete and documented. You will know the capabilities of your equipment prior to your arrival. We work with your riggers and support staff to have clear directions on how to set up your equipment. We create a full documentation package modeled after best practices of customers who are medical industry leaders. We are ready when you are.

Phone-SupportTactical Support:  We work with you to define the level of support you need. It could be as complex as building in remote diagnostics with cameras to access equipment globally or locally, or simply set up scheduled preventive maintenance visits from our technicians.

At the end of each project design, we will review the bill of materials and provide a comprehensive spare parts list. When you order these at the time of machine build, we can pass the savings on to you with no additional mark up. We want you to be fully prepared when the equipment hits your floor.

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